“You can’t attribute weapons to an accused without fingerprints” – Lawyer

The defense attorney for five alleged plotters said guns allegedly seized from some of his clients cannot be traced to them without their fingerprints.

The five are; Donya Kafui, Bright Alan Debrah, Corporal Seidu Abubakar, Air Force Lance Corporal (LAC) Ali Solomon and Corporal Sylvester Akanpewon.

“I suggest to you that without the fingerprints taken from the guns, steel pipes and other exhibits allegedly collected from the Citadel Hospital, you cannot say with certainty that these exhibits belong to Dr. Frederick Mac Palm (A1) and Donya Kafui (A2).

This was during the cross-examination of Chief Detective Inspector Michael Nkrumah, a National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) investigator and witness for the 13th Prosecutor.

“Fingerprinting exhibits is not just a formality. It is when you want to restrict the exhibit to one person or two people that you have to take the fingerprints on the exhibits, here, they are attributed to all the accused so restrict it to a single person is out of order. Mr. Nkrumah said.

The defense attorney asked, “During the investigation, did you take any fingerprints from the defendants in connection with the weapons or exhibits?” “.

The witness answered in the negative and stated that he had not taken the fingerprints of any of the defendants.

“I suggest to you that you cannot conclusively determine the ownership of the firearms, steel pipes or improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and other parts that have been collected.”

Mr Nkrumah said: “All the defendants were going to use them on the day they planned the overthrow, but the exhibits and blacksmith tools belonged only to Kafui (A2) who had brought them from Alavanyo to make the weapons. .”

“During your investigation, did you learn that the tools had been collected as part of the exhibits outside the x-ray container?” asked the lawyer. but the witness said he did not know where the officers took them from.

The defense lawyer also asked if Mr Nkrumah, as part of the investigative team, had reconstructed what a blacksmith shop looked like, but the witness answered no, adding that Kafui (A2) with the crime scene management company went to the Citadel Hospital to show him where he set up and made the weapons.

“This reconstruction was done in the x-ray container at Citadel Hospital,” the attorney questioned and a witness said it was done in and out of the x-ray container.

When asked if the witness specifically watched the June 22, 2018 video, among the series of videos captured by Staff Sergeant Sule Awarf, the star witness, of meetings to discuss the alleged plot given to the team by the army, the witness replied in the affirmative.

Defense counsel: “Did you watch the video of June 22, 2018, when there was a meeting at Next Door Beach Resort?

“Yes my lords,” said the witness.

“Have you seen Corporal Abubakar?” the attorney asked and Chief Detective Inspector Nkrumah said, “I saw it in a flash.”

“Can you tell the Court what he said at the meeting?” but the witness said he couldn’t but hastened to add that he was at the meeting.

“You can’t say anything because Abubakar (A7) never attended a meeting for the purpose of overthrowing the government on June 22, 2018,” the defense attorney said.

Witness: “That is not true and I have to say that the investigation team did not base their evidence solely on the tapes and in criminal investigations eyewitness accounts are essential and on that day , Sule, an eyewitness said Seidu (A7) was there, LAC Solomon (A8) also said he went to the meeting with A7 and Lance Corporal Godwin Nii Korankye Ankrah, another witness, also said that A7 was there, so the team did not need to see a video that captured him to conclude that he attended the meeting.”

“It’s based on what the two and others have told you about A7’s presence, which is why you conclude he was present at the meeting to discuss the overthrow of the government. I suggest to you that A7 was not at the Next-Door Beach Resort for a meeting to discuss the overthrow of the government as you want the Court to believe. said the defense attorney.

Witness: This is false, A7 was at the meeting to discuss the overthrow of the government.

“And that’s why you can’t tell the court what he specifically said at the meeting,” the attorney said, but the witness said, “I wasn’t at the meeting, so I cannot say what A7 said, but Sule, Ankrah and Solomon (A8) who were present confirmed it.

The defense attorney said what the witness just told the court was an afterthought, but the witness said it was not an afterthought.

Dr. Mac Palm, Kafui, Debrah, Johannes Zikpi, Col. Samuel Kojo Gameli, Warrant Officer Class 2 Esther Saan, Corporal Abubakar, LAC Solomon, Corporal Akanpewon and Assistant Commissioner of Police Dr. Benjamin Agordzo are charged conspiracy, high treason. , possession of arms and complicity.

They have all denied their various charges and have been released on bail.

Jon J. Epps