Too hard on Colon’s vice, Horacio Daras, Pulga Rodriguez’s lawyer

The vice president of Colón, Horacio Daras, appeared at the prosecutor’s office this Friday to testify about what happened last Tuesday with the presence of the bar at the Sablero property and the professional staff “of intimidation”, and Pulga responded to Rodriguez’s attorney. , who named him in statements made on Thursday, while he was with Captain de Sabler to testify.

“I was born in Santa Fe, I’ve spent my whole life in this city, we know each other very well, I have no criminal record or criminal record. You know who I am. I worked for the bar. talked together When he walked into the campus we all talked so they left the attitude of walking in unannounced and I think they somehow managed to get out But it turns out that a hypocrite, a guy who doesn’t live in Santa Fe, who doesn’t know me, came out to say I’m colluding with someone who’s never been mine. Where did you get it? Why do you say that?” Vice Sablero said after testifying.

El Pulga’s lawyer, Iván Hernández, indicated that “Daras was speaking on the stand. We have already brought all the irregularities to the leaders, Daras should be there to talk. The players are victims of such a situation. Leaders don’t know how to handle this,” Hernandez said.

To all of this, Daras said, “I don’t care what El Pulga or the lawyers or the San Juans say. Of course, my legal side will take the necessary precautions. Looks like I colluded with the bar. I am in CONMEBOL, I am in Afa and everyone knows who I am, but for the arrival of a Rosario, the dawn, who came from Jujuy and who knows what the situation is, and if he says what he said, then I won’t allow it.

The red and black vice-president, close to the campus and regular participant in its practices, says he went to the prosecution “of his own free will” to explain why he was there and what he was doing. “I am criticized for speaking with the bars. What I did, when they told me they had entered the property, was go and keep my attitude and tell them to leave. What do they expect from me? that I will? That I catch a small road next to it and disappear? What would they say in this case? Said Chief Sabalero.

“The players see me, they know how I acted. I was also seen by other people who were in training at the time. My goal was to stop them all the time. Then I stayed until 9 p.m. is the time he decided not to train and I understood that for the time he passed,” explained veteran frontman Sablero.

“I’m not going to talk about football… I feel like I’m at the wrong time and at the wrong time. I always go to the gym, I was quick with the team and at the end of practice a security guard comes and reports that the bar was there. At that time I was heading towards the chalet which is at the entrance of the property, to see what was happening, I saw that they were walking towards the sector where the players were There I started to talk to them to alleviate this attitude and tell them to leave. I went out to arrest them…and I didn’t see that they were armed,” Daras concluded.

Jon J. Epps