“Serving as the People’s Advocate” – The Durango Herald

As Colorado’s Attorney General, I pledge to serve as the people’s advocate. My job is to defend the citizens of Colorado against those who violate their rights, improve public safety and our criminal justice system, and protect our land, air, and water. For the past four years, I’ve worked hard to do just that for the people of southwestern Colorado.

As Attorney General, I have defended your right to affordable health care, legal and safe abortion care, equal rights, the right to vote and fair treatment as workers, tenants and consumers. In total, we have recovered over $230 million in refunds and student debt relief for Coloradans. We also secured over $500 million for Colorado from the big pharmas that caused the opioid crisis. I continue to work hard to ensure that these funds respond effectively to the opioid crisis, supporting education/outreach, addiction treatment, and addiction recovery services.

We still have work to do to protect Colorado consumers. In my second term, I will continue to pursue antitrust lawsuits against big tech companies such as Google and Facebook, pursue investigations against social media giants for harming children’s mental health, and bring implementing new state laws that prevent the sale of your private information without your consent.

During my first term, I worked closely with Colorado law enforcement to improve our criminal justice system and protect public safety. Our department has, for example, used the state grand jury to advance many complex criminal cases, including those involving drug interdiction, human trafficking, and bike and auto theft rings. .

We’ve also successfully lobbied for important crime legislation, including bills to tackle the fentanyl crisis, crack down on catalytic converter theft, and secure more needed funds for police and sheriffs. We have called for and implemented responsible and effective gun safety measures, including Colorado’s Red Flag Law and safe gun storage. And we continue to work to improve the recruitment and training of police officers.

I have made protecting our land, water and air a top priority. This includes fighting buy-and-dry plans to ship water from rural communities to Front Range suburbs, which would hurt rural jobs, and addressing challenges facing the Colorado River. We are taking on the producers of PFAS (harmful and toxic “Forever Chemicals”). And we fought to address the threat of climate change by defending essential protections like the methane rule and the clean car rule.

Much remains to be done to continue this important work. Together, we will continue to defend and protect the rights of Coloradons, public safety and our natural resources.

Phil Weiser is the Attorney General of Colorado.

Jon J. Epps