Senior spotlight: Imani Brown ’22 graduating early, heading to law school

“I graduated early, in just three and a half years,” says Imani Brown ’22, a criminal justice specialist from Brooklyn. “Because of John Jay, I was able to understand my career, the type of law I wanted to practice, and have every experiential learning opportunity imaginable to achieve my goals.”

“I had a Pinkerton Fellowship, which associated me with the SOUL Sisters Leadership Collective, and internships with the Sonia & Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program, the Kings County District Attorney’s Office, and the District Attorney’s Office. ‘State of New York.’ —Imani Brown ’22

Brown participated in four internships and a fellowship while dating John Jay. I had a Pinkerton Scholarshipwho paired me with the SOUL Sisters Leadership Collective, and internships with the Sonia & Celina Sotomayor Judicial Internship Program, Kings County District Attorneys Office and the office of the New York State Attorney General.

This fall, Brown will enter CUNY School of Law and hopes to become a juvenile justice attorney. “I want to serve as an advocate for young people, especially those involved in diversion programs. I hope to inform them of available opportunities, from education and work to rehabilitation opportunities.

Iman Brown

How did John Jay connect you to internships and scholarships??
There are an abundance of opportunities available to John Jay and College students and its programs promote them. There are people at John Jay—for me, he was my ACE advisor—who want to help you. Being able to immerse myself in internship and scholarship opportunities provided me with insight into the legal field and my future career as a juvenile justice lawyer.

How has the ACE program helped you along your John Jay journey?
The program gave me advice that few students receive at other colleges. I wasn’t navigating college alone. ACE kept me on track with my classes and we had monthly meetings and one-on-one interviews with my counselor.

“I see myself serving as an advocate for youth in diversion programs and underserved communities.” —Imani Brown ’22

Do you have a favorite memory of your time at John Jay?
One that means a lot is being a member of the Black Student Union. It was good to be one with my own in this club, being able to exchange ideas with each other and connect with the community was really meaningful to me.

What academic achievement are you particularly proud of?
Obtained my certificate in dispute resolution. I have always called myself the mediator in my family and with friends, and now, with this certificate, I can officially mediate. I learned a lot from the program, things like active listening, learning how to de-escalate a situation, understanding different types of conflict management styles and cross-cultural negotiations.

Where will you be in five years?
Hopefully with my law degree, passing the bar exam and practicing law. I see myself serving as a youth advocate in diversion programs and underserved communities.

Jon J. Epps