Polo G’s attorney calls Miami PD ‘childish’ over leaked video

A few months ago, it was announced that Polo G’s misdemeanor charges – public servant/threat of influence performance and resisting an officer without violence – from his arrest in the summer of 2021 in Miami had been dropped. The charges were dropped after Polo G completed an anger management course. Previously, the two charges related to the Miami incident, assault and battery against a police officer and threats against an official, were also dropped. That being said, it was pretty clear that the saga between Polo G and the Miami PD was over, but that changed when a video of the rapper berating a Miami cop surfaced online.

The video shows Polo G questioning and clowning around the cop’s lifestyle and mocking his career path, and it got a response from Polo G’s attorney, Bradford Cohen. In a conversation with TMZ, Cohen accused law enforcement of releasing what he describes as “heavily redacted” body camera footage that only features “the parts that disparage the accused.” Cohen continued, “They didn’t show him getting knocked to the ground or why he was arrested. Of course, they wouldn’t show it.

Polo G’s attorney believes the body camera footage was released because the Miami Police Department is embarrassed by the whole incident. However, TMZ contacted the Miami PD and a spokesperson said the department was not responsible for posting the video. In response, Cohen said there was clearly a leak at the Miami PD. “I’ve never seen a department respond to their misdeeds by releasing a highly edited derogatory video,” he said, adding that the “childish” decision is why “a lot of people are losing faith in the police. “.

Jon J. Epps