Opposition lawyer denounces Erika for verbally attacking his wife

Erika Jayne is called out by attorney Ronald Richards after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star verbally attacked his wife.

Amid Erika Jayne’s ongoing legal troubles, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star began to feud with the opposing attorney’s wife. Erika is still struggling with back and forth over her alleged involvement in her ex-husband’s fraud and embezzlement case. Erika being married to Tom Girardi for more than 20 years, the interpreter of “Pretty Mess” is guilty by association. But Erika continues to profess her innocence while lashing out at anyone who rubs her the wrong way.

As Erika’s divorce filing comes at the height of Tom’s embezzlement scandal, many have wondered if she only filed to save herself from her husband’s disgrace. The famed lawyer had his long standing reputation as a top lawyer destroyed after a number of his former clients, former business partners and lenders accused Tom of stealing their money or failing to pay what ‘he must. But as an aging man, Tom’s frail health left him in a state unable to deal with the fallout. He has resorted to solitary confinement while his ex-wife has had to catch the heat from critics who accuse them of stealing millions to fund their lavish lifestyle. Season 11 saw Erika become an emotional wreck due to the allegations against her. She also verbally attacked anyone who dared to ask her about the case.


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Now that the lawsuits keep piling up, Erika seems to be going after the lawyer’s wife who is leading the case against her. Attorney Ronald Richards took to Twitter on Saturday to accuse Erika of leaving a scathing message under one of his wife’s Instagram posts. “It’s really disappointing when your spouse, who has nothing to do with our business, gets verbally abused by an older woman who is upset over her own mess or received or misappropriated funds from a trust account,richard tweeted before tagging Erika and asking: “Is it really necessary?“Erika and Richards have been there for the past year since allegations of fraud and embezzlement became public.

Erika has been slapped with a number of lawsuits accusing her of receiving stolen funds from her sleazy law-practicing husband. The case revealed the millions Erika received from Tom for her business endeavors. Erika claims she is innocent. But with the “XXpen$ive” singer appearing on national television bragging about her glam bill of $40,000 a month, many believe Erika is guilty of helping Tom spend the money he is accused of stealing. In January, she was cleared of all charges in Tom’s embezzlement case. Erika was criticized in season 12 after she shouted that she didn’t care about Tom’s victims. Erika was one of the main cast members this season to receive a flurry of criticism from viewers.

After the latest episode revealed the swear word she spat on Garcelle Beauvais’ 14-year-old son, a number of fans want Erika off the show. His latest feud comes as The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star is facing a new lawsuit that accuses him of only starting his company EJ Holdings to help Tom embezzle funds from his sleazy law firm. Erika is again accused of knowing about Tom’s scheme and aiding him in his mismanagement of money which left victims, businesses and institutions waiting for large payouts. Swearing on the opposing attorney’s wife won’t do much to help Erika’s case.

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