Ongoing Law School Student Organization Crowdfunding Competition

Participating student organizations

American Constitutional Society: The society promotes core constitutional values ​​and nurtures the next generation of progressive lawyers, policy experts, legislators and scholars.

Black Law Students Association: The association provides a comfortable environment and support system where students can share ideas, help each other during their law school experience, and ensure their voices are heard on the law school campus.

Connecticut Moot Court Counsel: The Moot Court Board strives to promote the development of oral and written advocacy skills by introducing students to emerging jurisprudential issues and providing them with the opportunity to debate.

Connecticut Public Interest Law Review: The primary purpose of the journal is to advance discussion of the legal aspects of issues of public interest, particularly those faced by underrepresented people.

Diversity Alliance: The alliance promotes, guarantees and protects the open and inclusive nature of the law school community, with initiatives of its own and in support of other affinity groups.

Energy and Environmental Law Society: The society educates students on current topics in the areas of energy and environmental law to encourage increased awareness, while also serving as a social organization.

Human Rights Association: The association is committed to cultivating student and community awareness and involvement in national and international human rights issues, and to fostering professional development opportunities for its members.

International Refugee Assistance Project: The project organizes law students and lawyers to develop and enforce a set of legal and human rights for refugees and displaced people.

Association of Italian American Law Students: The association publicizes the achievements of all people of Italian origin in the historical, cultural and, above all, legal fields.

Intellectual property and technology law firm: The company provides opportunities for students to learn about legal issues regarding intangible assets, such as brand names and designs; discoveries and inventions; and musical, literary and artistic works.

Association of Jewish Law Students: The association celebrates and studies Jewish law, history, tradition and customs, and supports Jewish culture with the student body.

Latinx Law Students Association: The association works to create an academic, professional, and social support system with the goal of helping students adapt to the rigors of law school and excel.

Mock Trial Society: The society offers students the opportunity to participate in the William R. Davis ’55 Mock Trial Competition, as well as facilitating UConn Law’s participation in intermural competitions nationwide.

Non-Traditional Evening and Labor Student Association: NEW represents the interests of non-traditional law students, including but not limited to evening students, older students, students with children, and students with disabilities.

Public Interest Law Group: The Public Interest Law Group encourages students to carry out work in the area of ​​public interest during their studies and in their professional careers. The group sponsors campus events, community service opportunities, and a scholarship program.

Softball club: The club’s mission is to bring students together, hang out, relax, exercise, and engage in friendly competition.

Student Animal Legal Defense Fund: The organization is dedicated to promoting animal rights awareness and educating the law school community about the legal protection of animal welfare.

Student Bar Association: The association is the student government, elected annually by the Day, Evening and LLM divisions. He financially sponsors events and initiatives, sits on faculty committees, and provides input to the administration.

Veterans Armed Forces Legal Awareness Society: VALOR encourages scholarly discussion of the law regarding veteran and military-related topics; and builds social connections between interested students, the law school, and the local community to promote professional development.

Association of Law Students: The association is dedicated to raising awareness of gender issues. It welcomes new ideas and new approaches to exploring gender discrimination, cultural attitudes and gender relations.

Jon J. Epps