Nellie’s Sports Bar violent night investigation goes to DC Attorney General’s office


The investigation into allegations that a woman was dragged down the stairs by security at Nellie’s Sports Bar in DC is now heading to the district attorney general’s office.

The investigation into allegations that a woman was dragged down the stairs by security at Nellie’s Sports Bar in DC is now heading to the district attorney general’s office.

The city’s Alcoholic Beverage Control Board said it referred the matter to the OAG on Wednesday.

On June 13, a mobile phone video surfaced on social media showing a black woman, later identified as Keisha Young, 22, dragged down the steps by security. The video, which was posted to Twitter, also shows several other bar patrons physically confronting each other at the bottom of the stairs.

The incident sparked weeks of protests outside the U Street bar in northwest DC and sparked an investigation by the Alcoholic Beverage Regulation Administration (ABRA), the government agency that issues and renews licenses for alcohol.

In a lengthy report, ABRA details a chaotic scene in the early hours of June 13, when brawls allegedly broke out between customers, security personnel and employees.

He said multiple assaults took place inside the bar while Nellie’s “was engaged in a method of operation conducive to illegal behavior”. The report cited overcrowded conditions on the rooftop as contributing to the chaos.

According to witness interviews, police reports and surveillance footage, a bartender called security on Saturday night because a group of patrons brought a bottle of Bacardi Limon and were drinking shots outside the bar.

Security personnel took the bottle and asked people to leave.

The Alcoholic Beverage Control (ABC) official on duty told investigators about seven people started hitting security personnel as they approached the stairwell. He said he also saw the woman who was pulled down the stairs hitting security just before the incident.

According to the report, footage from around 1:30 a.m. shows a man “being pushed out the door” before descending the stairs. Several other customers are seen “pushing and pushing, throwing their hands together while employees are seen pushing customers up the stairs.”

Minutes later, the report said the woman – who has since been identified as Young – was seen punching a man “several times on the back of the head” before she came down the stairs by Security.

At the bottom of the stairs, people pounced on the security guards and the scuffles spilled over into the streets. Young and another man later reported to police that they had been assaulted by security guards, whom Nellie’s had contracted out for Pride Week.

After the cellphone video of Young being dragged down the stairs was posted on social media, around 100 protesters came out to protest outside the sports bar the following night, Sunday, June 13. Since then, protests have also taken place on weekends. Young also launched a GoFundMe page looking for $ 75,000 for legal fees and therapy.

In response to the incident, Nellie’s fired the company she had hired to provide security. He also released a statement saying he was “incredibly upset and disturbed to see the unfortunate event that happened at Nellie’s” and that he “was under a full investigation into the situation.”

But that didn’t do much to quell the fury. DC Police Chief Robert Contee has written to ABRA urging them to open an investigation.

“Most worrying about this incident is that at no time did the staff, management or property of Nellie’s Sports Bar make an effort to contact the [Metropolitan Police Department] report the incident or self-report the incident related to ABRA. Instead, Nellie’s Sports Bar continued as usual, ”Contee wrote.

He added that when the first protests erupted, Nellie’s “kicked out all customers, locked their doors and closed for business.”

In its report, ABRA said CCTV footage showed “the roof area was overcrowded with minimal space to move around safely.” He also said investigators saw “the difficulty that Nellie’s staff and security had in trying to pull clients through such a crowd, causing pushes and pushes against other clients and getting involved in abuses. altercations “.

A review of ABRA files found that Nellie does not have a settlement agreement (which aims to address neighborhood concerns) or a safety plan, according to the report.

The investigation is now entrusted to the district attorney general’s office, headed by Karl Racine. If the BVG decides to file a complaint against Nellie’s and the establishment is found liable, the Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission may impose fines and / or suspend or revoke the bar’s liquor license.

The WTO has contacted Racine’s office for comment, but has not received a response.

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