Man wrongly accused of terrorism cleared by High Wycombe lawyer

A man wrongly accused of being a terrorist has finally found justice thanks to the hard work of a High Wycombe solicitor.

Bilal Tanveer, a lawyer at Morgan Has, was part of the legal team representing a Belgian in his 40s accused of having participated in terrorist training.

The Bucks Free Press chose not to release the man’s name.

The man had been accused of participating in terrorist training and being part of a terrorist organization when he was photographed at a camp of the Partiya Karkeren Kurdistani (PKK), which translates to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party.

The PKK is on the UK government’s list of banned terrorist groups.

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Authorities believed the man had been involved in terrorism-related activities at the camp, but the reality was that he was there on behalf of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) – a non-violent organization – and was involved in talks of peace.

After taking on the case, Morgan Has’s legal team traveled to Belgium to attempt to prove the man’s innocence, meet with his KNK colleagues, interview witnesses and gather massive amounts of evidence. evidence proving his peaceful intentions.

Thanks to this due diligence and the hard work of the firm, led by director Ali Has, the prosecution decided not to present any evidence in their case against him, which led to him being acquitted of the charges.

After the verdict, Mr. Tanveer spoke of his pride in his company.

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He said: “The amount of hard work that has gone into this case has been remarkable, we really specialize in this type of defence.

“I’ve worked with other companies, but at Morgan Has they go a mile above for their clients.

“I am so passionate about my work and always want to go above and beyond for clients.”

Mr Tanveer went on to praise his upbringing at High Wycombe, where he grew up and went to Downley School, and still lives today.

The 31-year-old said he hopes he can start giving back to his community.

If you have any legal questions, you can contact Bilal Tanveer by emailing him at [email protected]

Jon J. Epps