Loans for Self-Employed 2019: How to Have a Payday Loan without Guarantees


Full details on self-employed loans and how to get them in 2019. Let’s find out how to get a loan without collateral , if it is really possible. We will also analyze the situation of bad payers reported in CRIF, which as we know find not a few problems when requesting a personal loan.


2019 Self Employed Loans: who to contact, alternative requirements and guarantees


 2019 Self Employed Loans: who to contact, alternative requirements and guarantees  


When you are interested in receiving a personal loan for any need, the main obstacle to overcome is that relating to the guarantees required. It is not always easy to access the desired credit without problems, especially for some categories of customers. On this page we deal in particular with self-employed workers , who as you probably already know are not always able to receive a personal loan because of the guarantees required. The pay slip represents the main guarantee that is required by all credit institutions: this is because it represents a fixed monthly income, which does not change due to seasonality. For this reason, employees in most cases do not encounter any problems if they want to receive funding. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for self-employed workers, who in this sense cannot guarantee constant revenues for each month .

Who should you contact to receive a loan for self-employed workers? From this point of view there are no substantial differences with respect to what we repeat for classic personal loans. The best solution in any case is in fact to apply to the main credit institutions in circulation . The experience of the banks and financial companies that have been in the industry for many years will most likely allow you to find a product that fully meets your needs. Obviously in this case it will be essential to comply with the requirements that will be required. Turning to companies like Agos Ducato, BNL, Findomestic, Compass and Unicredit you will undoubtedly find excellent offers that allow even those without pay as self-employed to access the desired credit. In this case, a fundamental role is that of alternative guarantees : it is obvious that if you are unable to present a pay slip you will have to be able to protect the bank in another way.

What are the alternative guarantees to payroll that can be presented by the self-employed to obtain the desired loan? The first solution in this case is the presentation of an alternative income document to the payroll, and therefore of the income tax return . In this the credit institution will take care of estimating the maximum monthly installment that can be faced by the client, based mainly on the earnings obtained in the last year. Usually for personal loans for self-employed workers, companies tend to set a rather low repayment rate, to minimize the risk of non-repayment . In some cases additional guarantees are required such as the signature of a guarantor . The latter can be a relative or friend who has a pay slip or receives a pension, who will undertake to pay the repayment installments not paid by the beneficiary of the loan.

How to have a loan for independent workers without guarantees: is it possible?


How to have a loan for independent workers without guarantees: is it possible?

Very often, on the main websites and on the forums dealing with loans, one hears about self-employed loans without guarantees . Based on what has been said so far, concerning the fact that it is essential to present alternative guarantees to the pay envelope to obtain the desired amount, one could simply reply that it is impossible to obtain any type of loan without presenting guarantees. And indeed it is true, however it is necessary to make a clarification regarding the loans that are described as “without guarantees”. When we talk about these products we refer in particular to real guarantees or to the presentation of a guarantor. In this sense, therefore, we can say without denial that loans for self-employed workers without guarantees really exist , and undoubtedly represent a type of loan that should be discussed on this page.


What are real guarantees? When we talk about real guarantees we refer to the mortgage and the pledge . These two types of collateral are widely used to receive loans as an alternative to payroll. The self-employed can in fact access the mortgage loan simply by presenting the deed of ownership of the house. On the other hand, pawn credit represents a solution adopted in particular for receiving small amounts of money. The guarantee that is presented by the applicant is any movable item , and therefore in particular are used valuables such as jewelery, precious stones, watches and so on. The risk of these loans for self-employed workers is that in case of non-repayment the credit institution will have all the right to auction off the property of our property left as a mortgage or pledge. So in particular in the case of the mortgage loan there is a considerable risk, represented by the possibility of losing one’s home. Moreover, among self-employed workers interested in receiving a loan, many do not own a home, hence the need to find unsecured loans .

The solutions in this case are not many, and therefore we have to repeat what was said previously. The alternative guarantee to the pay packet to receive a loan for self-employed workers without the presentation of real guarantees is the presentation of the tax return through the Unique Model. However, credit institutions are not always willing to offer us the financing we want. So how do you get the amount we need? The first solution is to present a guarantor who is employed or retired. Alternatively, the last possibility is represented by private loans . This is an increasingly common type of financing in Italy, as the requisites required to obtain the desired sum of money are less restrictive than those of banks.

There are many private individuals willing to invest their capital by lending money to those in need, earning a profit from interest. The problem with private loans is that, unfortunately, some take advantage of our “desperate” search for money and set unrealistic interest rates. In this case it is a matter of frauds , especially if the rates applied exceed the usury thresholds provided for by Italian law. To stay away from possible scams, an excellent solution is to request our loan by registering with one of the various social lending communities . The main ones are, for example , Prestiamoci, Smartika, BLender and Soisy : here the Lenders come into contact with the Applicants and the loan exchange takes place in complete safety for both the parties that are thus protected.

Loans for Bad Payers reported in CRIF: how to get them


 Loans for Bad Payers reported in CRIF: how to get them

Another type of loan that we often hear about and therefore it is good to analyze in detail is that of loans for bad payers reported in CRIF . It can happen that you find yourself in this situation because of problems you had in the past in repaying a loan, such as delays in the payment of repayment installments, things that unfortunately can happen. In these cases, credit institutions can report to CRIF ( Centrale RIschi Finanziari ), the database in which unreliable customers are registered. When we go to request any type of financing, our bank or financial company checks our creditworthiness, and if we have been defined as bad payers it will be much more difficult for us to receive the financing we want.

The situation is even more complicated if we talk about the self-employed, who are therefore without payroll, which have been reported in CRIF as bad payers. How to do in this case to get the money we need to carry out our projects? The first alternative guarantee to be presented is, as always, our tax return. If our earnings are high enough to allow us to tackle the expected monthly repayment installments without problems, then there will be no great difficulty in accessing the credit we need. Alternatively , alternative incomes may be needed, which may derive from the rental of a house we own and therefore increase our economic availability. In any case, it is good to specify that with this type of loan it is usually not possible to receive a particularly high amount .

Among the loan options that allow us to immediately receive a certain amount of money even if we are self-employed reported as bad payers, there is pawn credit . All we need to do to get the money we need will be to pledge any valuable item. The waiting time will be only that necessary to estimate the market value of our asset . After that we can immediately receive an amount that will obviously have to be less than the value of the item we are going to pledge. As with any other loan, monthly repayment installments and interest rates will be defined at the time of the request. At the end of the reimbursement we will be returned the item pledged that in the meantime had been kept in an extremely safe place . In this way we will have obtained the amount we needed without having lost an object that maybe has a strong emotional value for us. Furthermore, the fact that reimbursing a loan for bad payers has the possibility of being canceled from the CRIF database should not be underestimated.

Soft loans and non-repayable loans for autonomous workers: how do they work?


To conclude our analysis of the loans for self-employed workers available for 2019 it is important to talk also about subsidized loans and non- repayable loans . What is it? We are talking about the cheapest loans ever, which are offered to those who somehow “deserve” this particular treatment. Non- repayable loans are purpose-built loans that have the characteristic of providing a part of the amount financed precisely as a “non-repayable loan” and that is, it must not be repaid . This funding is provided thanks to the European funds that are allocated every year in addition to the state funds that are managed by the various Regions. To access these particular loans for self-employed workers it is necessary to participate in calls for tenders , in which the access requirements and the eligible expenses that can be financed are specified.

Among the main calls for tenders for 2019 there is ” Resto al Sud “, a project aimed precisely at residents in the regions of southern Italy, which aims to stop this real flight of young people in northern Italy or abroad . In this way self-employed workers will be able to access a non -repayable loan for 35% of the total financed, while the remaining 65% will be at subsidized rates and therefore still convenient. Among the main aspects of this announcement is that of being aimed in particular at fostering youth entrepreneurship and female entrepreneurship . Thanks to these subsidized loans it is possible to face all the expenses related to the start-up of one’s own entrepreneurial activity with the purchase of machinery, materials, licenses for the use of software, but also to face training expenses to increase one’s skills. So this is an opportunity to take on the fly, which could allow you to carry out your projects thanks to a really convenient self-employed loan.

In all the regions of Italy we find, however, excellent projects that allow us to access loans with a non-repayable loan or subsidized loans and interest-free loans. Also for this 2019 tenders are available to work in the sector of agriculture, industry, tourism and more , and there are many initiatives especially for the youngest. Particular attention is given to innovation and the use of information technology and technology in the various sectors of the economy: this in fact represents a fundamental aspect for relaunching our country. We therefore advise you to periodically visit the website of your Region in which from time to time the last active notices are published to which it is possible to participate in order to gain access to non-repayable loans and subsidized loans for self-employed workers. The most important factor to be able to obtain these loans is undoubtedly that of skills : the requests are indeed many, and only those who prove to have a valid project can obtain the money they need at decidedly advantageous economic conditions.