Lawyer with cerebral palsy writes new memoirs

Author Janae Hofer shares her faith and her story in “Moments of Grace.”

Omaha, Neb. – Unaware of much of her hidden troubles due to cerebral palsy, many are impressed by author Janae Hofer’s relentless drive and success in opening her own law firm, despite needing help with every physical task, which interferes with his independence.

Inspired to share her journey filled with joy, grief, faith, and more, Hofer presents her memoir, “Moments of Grace: Faithfulness When Life Hurts.”

In the book, Hofer tells the story of his health journey to help others in a non-traditional and relatable way. She shares a vulnerable side of herself as she expresses her imperfections and the pain of someone struggling with cerebral palsy and how the influence of her faith became the springboard for telling her story.

“Everyone has pain and pain in their life,” Hofer said, “I hope my story brings hope to Christians and non-Christians who may be struggling to heal and find a solution during a difficult time in their lives.”

Believing that God has granted her the strength to persevere despite the continued underestimation of others, this memoir contrasts Hofer’s desperate feelings at various times and her grateful perspective as she now looks back and urges her readers to embrace attitudes of gratitude and humility while raising awareness of disabilities.

“God’s grace is always sufficient even if we don’t see it at the moment,” Hofer said, “I encourage my readers to persevere in faith, not to live their lives as victims of circumstance or the actions of others. Learn to find joy in small and large blessings, even during pain and suffering.

“Moments of grace: fidelity when life hurts”

By Janae Hofer

Janae Hofer; image courtesy of Janae Hofer

ISBN: 9781664270039 (softcover); 9781664270046 (linked); 9781664270022 (electronic)

Available at WestBow Press, Amazon and Barnes & Nobles

About the Author

Overcoming her physical disability of cerebral palsy, Janae Hofer graduated from Grace University summa cum laude with a Bachelor of Science, with a double major in Business Administration and Biblical Studies. She continued her education by attending Creighton School of Law on a full scholarship, graduating with honors in the top 15% of her law class. With her unwavering desire to use her legal skills to help others, she pursued her dream of starting a one-on-one service-oriented law practice. She resides in Omaha, Neb. To learn more, please visit

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