Lawyer Says LAPD Chief’s Explanation of Officer’s Death ‘False’

LOS ANGELES — The attorney representing the family of a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officer who died in a training incident has pushed back against the police chief’s claims that the officer suffered no no head injuries and that the death was an accident.

Attorney Bradley Gage filed a lawsuit for damages against the City of Los Angeles on behalf of Shirley Huffman, the mother of Houston Ryan Tipping, the LAPD officer who was seriously injured during a mock mob drive on 26 May and died three days later. Gage alleges that Tipping was beaten to death by other officers during the exercise.

At a July 6 news conference in Woodland Hills, Gage said 32-year-old Tipping suffered multiple blows to the head that left him bleeding and suffered multiple neck fractures that led to his death. dead.

He showed reporters several CT scans and said the officer had staples in his head due to his injuries.

“All these little things here, six of them, are staples,” he said, pointing to the scanned images. “The staples are used to close a laceration to the head.”

He said Tipping also suffered spinal cord injuries, a collapsed lung, broken ribs and liver damage.

Attorney Bradley Gage presented a CT scan image of Los Angeles Police Department Officer Houston Ryan Tipping’s head injuries during a press conference on July 5, 2022. (Courtesy by Bradley Gage)
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During a press conference on the death in formation of Los Angeles Police Department Houston officer Ryan Tipping, attorney Bradley Gage presented a CT scan image in Woodland Hills on July 5, 2022. (With the courtesy of Bradley Gage)

According to LAPD Chief Michel Moore, Tipping was working as a bicycle instructor in a scenario that involved struggling with another officer.

During the exercise, Tipping fell to the ground and suffered a spinal cord injury. Other officers present began CPR until Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics arrived, police said.

Moore said last week that Tipping “did not suffer any head laceration, cuts or anything to the head, as a result of his fall to the ground when he and another officer fell to the ground during the drill. ‘coaching.

“Officer Tipping was also not punched or beaten during this training session. … He tackled another officer and both fell to the ground, resulting in a catastrophic spinal cord injury.

Gage said at the press conference that the LAPD’s “explanation is wrong” regarding the circumstances surrounding Tipping’s death.

“When you look at all these horrific injuries, the truth is that something seriously went wrong here,” he said. “I can’t imagine anything other than a severe beating.”

City News Service contributed to the report.

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