Lawyer for Josh Primo accuser has been called a ‘great tenacious, fire-breathing Texas lawyer’

“Mr. Buzbee is a big, mean, ambitious, tenacious, fire-breathing Texas lawyer. Really big. Poster boy big.”

That’s how the New York Times described Tony Buzbee, a Houston-based lawyer who now represents Hillary Cauthen, one of the accusers of former Spurs guard Josh Primo. buzbee go stand on the podium in Houston on Thursday to respond to allegations made by Cauthen, a counseling psychologist formerly with the Spurs organization.

Why is he famous?

Buzbee practices in several areas of law, including personal injury, class actions and product liability. For his work, Buzbee earned several accolades, including “Lawyer of the Year” from Texas Lawyer magazine in 2015 and “Aggie Lawyer of the Year” from the Texas Aggie Bar Association in 2017. Buzbee also ran for mayor of Houston in 2019, losing in a runoff to incumbent Sylvester Turner.

Who did he represent?

Buzbee has represented clients in several high-profile cases, including representing several women who accused former Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson of sexual misconduct. Buzbee has also represented victims of the Astroworld Tragedy. Buzbee has also represented clients like former Texas Governor Rick Perry, Jimmy Buffet and horse trainer Bob Baffert. Buzbee also represented the Spanish government in a lawsuit regarding the largest oil spill in Spanish history.

Why is Buzbee in the headlines today?

Buzbee’s law firm said on Monday it would hold a press conference on Thursday to discuss its client’s allegations against Primo, who was dropped from the team last week following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct. .

What does Buzbee do for its customers?

Buzbee’s role, as a civil lawyer, is to provide financial compensation to his clients following a potential injury, whether physical, emotional or mental. Buzbee has publicly stated that he stands up for those who have been victims of sexual misconduct.

After Watson was suspended for 11 games, Buzbee called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell a “paper tiger” during an interview with

“By settling this case the way he did, Roger Goodell proved one of two things: either his recent rhetoric was completely idiotic, or his bark is far worse than his bite,” Buzbee said. “The message today to all victims is clear, if you think you have been sexually assaulted by a powerful person, keep your mouth shut and leave.”

Buzbee often calls press conferences at trials while working on a lawsuit, unlike other top personal injury attorneys.

What is his story?

Buzbee, the son of a butcher and high school cafeteria worker, grew up in Atlanta, Texas on a farm with his parents and three siblings. Buzbee attended Texas A&M University on an ROTC scholarship, earning a degree in psychology, before becoming a Recon Marine officer, earning the rank of captain. Buzbee then attended the University of Houston Law Center where he received his law degree.

What kind of results does he get?

When Watson’s suspension was announced, Sports Illustrated reported that 23 of the 24 lawsuits against the NFL player have been settled out of court.

Law firm Buzbee announces that it has so far recovered $10 billion in damages for its clients, including a $41 million settlement for a spider bite victim in 2015 and a verdict of $100 million for Texas City residents injured by toxic emissions from a BP. factory in 2009. This verdict, the most important ever against BP, was later thrown out by a federal judge in Houston.

In 2019, Buzbee told Texas, Inc. his biggest settlement was $500 million and his biggest court victory was a $159 million verdict.

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