Lawyer claims man shot dead by Osceola deputies was a ‘guinea pig’ in training | NewsRadio WFLA

KISSIMMEE – The Osceola County Sheriff urges people to stay calm as the Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigates the deputy involved in the shooting that killed a man outside a Target store in Kissimmee last week , and his family’s lawyers raise new allegations.

Sheriff Marcos Lopez said in a statement that the state will conduct a full investigation and will not speculate in the meantime. The sheriff says deputies were practicing in a nearby parking lot and did not have their body cameras on when they came to investigate a car with shoplifting suspects inside.

Two men were suspected of stealing pizza and Pokémon cards from the store on April 27. A lawyer for the family of the deceased, Jayden Baez, 20, claims the deputies abused their authority, did not identify themselves and treated the men as guinea pigs in their training. “Rather than stopping them, or arresting them, or giving them a summons, they tried to block them with their vehicle,” Mark Nejame said. He also argued that the allegations would normally be treated as misdemeanors.

Nejame says deputies shot one of the suspects, 19-year-old Joseph Lowe, with his hands raised.

Photo: Canva

Jon J. Epps