Lawyer breaks world record as fastest woman to row across Atlantic – to show girls anything is possible

Victoria Evans – SWNS

A London lawyer has set a new world record for the fastest female solo crossing ever across the Atlantic in a bid to ‘show women and girls that anything is possible’.

Victoria Evans rowed her 22-foot-long (7m) rowing boat from Barbados on Thursday, after 40 days at sea.

The 35-year-old started her run in the Canary Islands on February 11 with no idea she would shave nine days off the current world record.

The trip also raised funds for UK charity Women in Sport.

“Tackling this epic challenge was about driving positive change, inspiring others and using success as a platform to advance the narrative about women in sport,” Evans said at the finish line, where she was hosted by friends and family from the UK.

In total, Victoria rowed 2,559 nautical miles in a world record time of 40 days and 19 hours, shattering the previous record of 49 days and 7 hours.

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Victoria, who had never rowed before, spent three years training for the challenge, gaining the required qualifications and preparing to become seaworthy.

According to WebExplorersshe rowed 12 to 14 hours a day to become the fastest of the 11 women who managed to cross the Atlantic from east to west.

Victoria Evans at the finish line – SWNS

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“A solo expedition is more than just one person.

“Completing the crossing is just the beginning of this work… I can use this experience to show that we are capable of anything.”

Victoria is the founder of Sea Change Sportand his adventure raised £24,000 for Women in Sport, a charity that aims to give every woman and girl the chance to experience the transformational and lifelong benefits of sport.

“How mind-boggling to be at sea with sharks and dolphins for company and to overcome such massive obstacles to reach the finish line?” said Women in Sport CEO Stephanie Hilborne.

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