Law school price lowest in 5 years

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So what about legal education these days? Well, glad you asked. The good folks at AccessLex have created a Legal Education Data Platform to keep up with the latest law school trends. And, there are some nice surprises in there.

Here are the most notable takeaways.

First, the bad news (at least for 2021 law school applicants): Applications have increased over the past year. The result was a drop in the overall admission rate to 68 percent. But the number of applications for 2022 is returning to normal, so this will hopefully be more of a blow than a trend.

AccessLex also reports that the gender balance in law schools has changed. Female applicants admitted to law school have exceeded those of male applicants. As they noted, “Admission rates for men have historically exceeded those for women, but in 2021 women were admitted at a higher rate than the previous year, breaking equal admission rates by sex from 2014 to 2020”.

The racial and ethnic diversity of law school applicants remained fairly stable as of 2020, but this still exceeded 2019 figures. As they report, “In 2021, white applicants made up about half of the applicant pool. , while white applicants made up just over sixty percent of applicants in 2019.”

And above all, for those who have to pay for their law studies, the price has dropped. Private law school tuition is down to 2016 levels. In-state public is down to 2014 levels, with nonresident tuition for public law schools lower than 2013 levels.

AccessLex 2021 Law School Cost

Check out the full report below.

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