Law Practice and Research Made Easy with LawPavilion Prime 6.0

Edited by Bella Rose Okojie

Legal practitioners are generally meticulous; about their practice, processes and games.

In a society that seems sluggish in the face of legal proceedings, where people wearing wigs and gowns are referred to in less than glowing terms, the motivation to practice the profession is daunting. Prospective lawyers spend hours in libraries or rummaging through newspapers looking for records, references, etc. What if there was a better way to practice law as a Nigerian?

This is where Prime 6.0 comes in.

The Prime 6.0 platform brings together a large catalog of law-related content accessible by lawyers for research purposes. Let’s see what this platform is all about and how it helps law-related research work.

The Prime 6.0 platform is a product of LawPavilion. LawPavilion is a legal technology company that provides IT solutions for lawyers, judges and law students to help them get the most out of their careers in the legal system.

Founded 17 years ago, LawPavilion has developed more than 14 legal products accessible online to help ease the research workload of today’s lawyers. One of these products is Prime 6.0

  • What is Prime 6.0? It is a platform designed for digital research and analysis of the world of justice. With a comprehensive collection of court cases, past and present decisions are easily accessible by legal practitioners for research purposes.
  • Who created Prime 6.0? This solution is for public use and made by LawPavilion. Prime 6.0 is an upgraded and improved version of the Prime which is popular among lawyers.
  • Who is Prime 6.0 Made for, and how affordable is the service? Prime 6.0 is specifically aimed at legal practitioners, law students, law professors and judges. But, the platform is also open to anyone who wishes to use it for research in the legal field. Upgrading to Prime 6.0 is free and available on Windows and Mac.

What makes Prime 6.0 so special?

Each company stands out from the others by the way it conducts its business. The same goes for Prime 6.0. Not only can you research legal cases over a long period of time, but you can also create notes on your findings. You can refer to these notes whenever you want, and the notes are accessible on any device as long as you log in. Speed, accuracy, convenience and online security are all promised by the developers of Prime 6.0.

So far, a number of people have used and benefited from the Prime 6.0 legal solution. We look forward to news of collaborations and partnerships between other parties. 🙂

Jon J. Epps