JUST IN: Sikhala refused bail, lawyer says it was expected

By Staff Reporter

OPPOSITION lawmaker Job Sikhala has been denied bail for his latest charge of frustrating the course of justice.

Sikhala is accused of posting a video aimed at disrupting investigations into the murder of slain Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) activist Moreblessing Ali.

He was denied bail on another charge of inciting public violence, a charge based on the same video.

His lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa said they expected the outcome and only approached the magistrates court as a formality.

“As you have probably heard, the magistrate, as expected, refused to grant him bail and naturally we will go to the High Court.

“We knew he was not going to get bail because in these cases we now know for sure that no one gets bail in magistrates court. We come for the purpose of creating the case, then we appeal to the High Court and that is what we will do,” Mtetwa said.

Sikhala denies the allegations, saying he never posted the alleged video on the internet.

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Harare Magistrate Feresi Chakanyuka issued the decision on behalf of Magistrate Stanford Mambanje.

The court agreed that the investigator handling the case did not investigate who posted the video, but ruled that this did not mean there was no evidence against Sikhala.

“The OI said they have yet to find out who posted the video and they also said there were eyewitnesses to attest that the defendant actually said the alleged words,” the official said. magistrate.

He added, “The fact that the OI has said it is still investigating does not mean the state has failed to prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt.”

The magistrate also said Sikhala had already breached a High Court bail order against him.

Sikhala will be back in court on August 8.

Jon J. Epps