Huron Plainman | ‘Class Action’ podcast focuses on law students

NEW YORK — In early June, a new podcast was launched focusing on the lives of law students involved in mock trials, the first testing ground for lawyers hoping to one day work in the justice system.

The 12-part podcast series, “Class Action,” is hosted by Katie Phang, who is herself a litigator, and is also a presenter and host on MSNBC and Peacock. The series follows a diverse collection of law students as they battle it out in mock trial competitions across the country.

Producers Lisa Gray and Kevin Huffman spent a year recording the grueling bootcamps, scrimmages and competitions with legal teams from Brooklyn Law, St. Mary’s University in San Antonio and the University of South Dakota. Listeners will hear young lawyers reaching exhaustion arguing cases in high-stakes tournaments.

Among the team of litigators at SHU Law School is Tyler Volesky, a young Native American politician, who is following the trail blazed by his father, Huron lawyer Ron Volesky and also trodden by his brother, Tucker. , who is in private practice with his father. and is also the Huron City Attorney.

Tyler Volesky is featured in Episode 8 of the series, in a segment titled “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”. In addition to an in-depth look at Volesky and his preparations and presentation at a mock trial, the episode also features Matt Skinner, Jr., who is also a Native American law student, working on real-life cases. in the Minnehaha County Public Defender’s Office. Desk.

Episode 8 of “Class Action” is available to listen on July 19. Episodes 1-7 are available on most podcast platforms.

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Jon J. Epps