How to Choose a Good Auto Accident Lawyer

Car accidents happen at the rate of approximately 14,300 a day in the United States, but it can be difficult to choose a car accident lawyer who will make a difference. What do you need to know? We asked the attorneys at Yosha Law for some tips on choosing the right attorney.

When injured and in need, many people do not consider hiring a car accident lawyer. They may not even know what type of lawyer they need at the time due to their injuries, let alone how to choose the best one to handle their claim.

In the United States, there are 1.33 million attorneys and a large number of auto accident attorneys or those who claim such expertise. Choosing which one will provide the result you are looking for will depend on a number of factors that you need to be aware of.

Why do you even need a car accident lawyer?

Some car accident victims believe that an attorney may not be necessary, but that can obviously be a dangerous course of action given the frequent complexities that arise in handling a claim, regardless of the issues that arise. arise if the claim ends up in court.

But while most personal injury claims do not make it to court, most will get the attention of insurance companies that don’t have the driver’s best interests at the forefront of their minds, but rather their interest in providing a minimal reimbursement in order to maintain the cost of claims. as low as possible.

You may not know your legal reimbursement rights for issues like emotional trauma. A car accident attorney can help you get the highest possible settlement for the accident. This is what they are trained for.

How to Choose a Good Auto Accident Lawyer

Here are a few things to consider when choosing a car accident lawyer.

#1. Live

As mentioned, experience matters when filing a claim for an auto accident. Ask the lawyer about his experience after researching his background online (via the firm’s website and other online review websites).

Some aspects to think about are:

  • How long has the lawyer been practicing law?
  • How many cases like yours has the lawyer handled?
  • How many cases similar to yours has the lawyer helped settle?
  • How many cases similar to yours has the attorney helped litigate?

#2. Understanding of local laws

An excellent legal team knows the local laws and can provide applicants with the personal service and professionalism they need in these areas.

Your lawyer should know the relevant local laws and how the legal process works.

#3. The ability to get good settlements

Review the attorney’s file results to see how many traffic accident cases they have handled by peaceful resolution, as your lawsuit will likely be settled outside of the courtroom. In addition, it would be preferable for you to find out about the weaknesses and strengths of your case and the best course of action with the lawyer.

#4. Convenience in the courtroom

Settlement proceedings have become so comfortable for many auto accident attorneys that they have little or no experience in court. It wouldn’t be a problem if you could guarantee the case would be solved.

However, there is no certainty. The risk of hiring a lawyer who dislikes litigation is not only that he may have difficulty in court, but also that he may persuade you to agree to a settlement that you are not with. agree to avoid a lawsuit.

#5. Transparent communication

It is essential that everyone involved in your case, including your lawyer, can communicate clearly with you. If the process of contacting a law firm for a free consultation is already proving tedious, this is already a clear sign that you may not get smooth and transparent answers working with them.

The attorney you choose should be open and transparent when discussing your request. They should discuss their rates, goals, and yours with you.

#6. What fees apply?

Hiring a lawyer is expensive. It would be better to look for a legal representative who sue on a contingency, meaning they won’t get paid until you get paid. Many personal injury lawyers are paid as a percentage of the entire settlement.

This usually equates to 33%, but it could be higher if the case goes to trial. The cost of filing charges and paying witnesses will likely fall on you. To understand your responsibilities, you should carefully review the attorney’s fee contract.

When making your decision, consider more factors than cost; if something is the best, it may be worth spending more money on it.


When hiring a car accident and personal injury lawyer, you need to know the qualities to look for. Choose a knowledgeable, enthusiastic and experienced attorney who understands national personal injury law and no-fault car insurance coverage.

They should know the many injuries that frequently occur in automobile accidents and how much money is needed to pay for medical care. If necessary, you can also engage with an attorney who has experience handling personal injury cases in court.

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Jon J. Epps