How the success of MS Dhoni & Rishabh Pant ended a lawyer’s dream of playing cricket for India

Breaking into the Indian cricket team is difficult as you have to fight through the ranks of a population of 1.3 billion. While some continue to play domestic cricket in hopes of one day having a chance at the top level, others simply give up when they don’t see a practical opportunity coming their way.

While many new batters and bowlers have entered the team over the past few years, the wicketkeeper role has been pretty much filled by a few names.

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MS Dhoni played the game for over a decade and very early in his career he performed so well that he became irreplaceable in the Indian team.

In the twilight of his career, Dhoni saw another wicket-keeping offensive hitter come through the ranks and his name was Rishabh Pant. The youngster was dominating domestic cricket and was quickly branded as the perfect replacement for Dhoni.

During his playing days, Dhoni did not give any wicketkeeper in India a chance to qualify for the national team and the emergence of Pant also ended a few cricketers’ hopes of playing at international level. .

One such name was Eklavya Dwivedi from Uttar Pradesh. The cricketer was scoring decently in domestic cricket and played 43 top class matches and was even selected for the Indian Premier League in 2016.

However, foreseeing that there was no chance for him to represent India in international cricket, the cricketer decided to change his profession and focused on becoming a lawyer, continuing the legacy of the family.

In a conversation with News18.comDwivedi explained how the success of MS Dhoni and Rishabh Pant forced him to take his attention away from gambling and work towards becoming a lawyer.

“It’s a story in itself. I played cricket for a while, as you would have known. Basically, I have a family background in law. I had a foundation to work with; to start and move from cricket to law,” Eklavya told

“You see, the idea behind cricket was that I would end up playing for the country. And when I saw that disappear when I was already thirty at that time and MS (Dhoni) was still playing, then Rishabh (Pant) came into the picture,” he added.

The former cricketer said he was lucky to spend a few more years in domestic cricket and might have gotten another move to the IPL, but it wasn’t something he wanted and decided to make the switch while there was a chance.

“So I had to make a calculated move on what should be the next step in my career. I could have played another 4-5 years of domestic cricket and the IPL, but it would have been very difficult for me to move from cricket to law. While there was still time, I chose to change careers,” the 33-year-old said.

Jon J. Epps