First female MU law school dean to step down | News

The first woman to serve as Dean of MU Law School is stepping down.

Lyrissa Lidsky, who served as dean of the law school for 150 years since 2017, will step down effective July 4.

Paul Litton, a law professor and associate dean for faculty research, will take over as acting dean until a full-time replacement is found, according to a press release from MU.

Lidsky came to Colombia after working for 23 years as a professor at the University of Florida, where she held various leadership positions and received several teaching awards.

Lidsky has taught courses on the First Amendment, media, tort law and more.

In a summary of his career and training on his School of Law webpageLidsky details some of his accomplishments at MU and before.

Some of her successes include doubling the law school’s overall annual funding, increasing the number of women enrolled in the school by 10%, and establishing a “culture and climate committee” to improve the social atmosphere. from the faculty of law.

Lidsky’s leadership also fostered partnerships between MU Law School and other entities such as the University of Central Missouri, the Law Society of Missouri, and Truman Veterans’ Hospital.

Litton had worked at the law school for 11 years when Lidsky became dean and continued to work with her for the next five years.

“I am so lucky to have worked with Dean Lidsky and am grateful for all she has done for our school,” Litton said in a statement. “I am delighted to continue his achievements.”

Jon J. Epps