First Debt Credit Loan


Do you have a financial problem that you can’t solve yourself? Then contact the professionals who have been able to help thousands of people and save them tens of thousands of euros – First Deductions Ltd. We are certified commitment managers with years of experience and a quality team of experts.

Many people are very easily manipulated by threats and convincing enforcement letters from loan companies and other creditors or bailiffs.

We help all those who suffer from the following issues:

  • Big debts and inability to repay them
  • Inability to negotiate with creditors
  • Threat of execution
  • Threat of auction
  • Threat of eviction



Commitment Commitments

 Commitment Commitments

Did you know that you can entrust your debts and loans to the hands of professionals who will do everything for your debt relief?


Personal bankruptcy

Personal bankruptcy

Do you have high debts? You can’t repay them, chasing you bailiffs and don’t know how to get out of this bad situation? Zbankrotujte!


Recovery of repaid loans


You are repaying loans with so-called. non-banknotes or have you repaid them? What would you say if the position turned around and the non-banknote paid you?


Once you have entrusted your concerns to us, we will begin to communicate with your creditors from your obligations manager. With an effort to agree with them on a solution that allows you to repay your debts while not losing everything.

Reasons to choose us:

Reasons to choose us:


    • The commitment management service is quite unique in Slovakia because we offer borrowers to take over the entire agenda. This means that after supplying background information on the current financial situation, we actively communicate with their creditors, negotiate better conditions, provide all overhead and legal assistance. We achieve excellent results – see (see references).


The aim is to achieve a compromise that allows debtors to pay their debts and not lose everything.


    • We provide transparent professional services. Our goal is to save debtors as much money as possible. At the same time, we are able to find an acceptable compromise with creditors to get their money back. There are experts with many years of experience in our team.



    • Our contracts are clear, do not contain any catches, contractual penalties, penalties, penalties or bills of exchange. It is up to you to fulfill your part of the agreement and to get rid of the debt permanently.



    • Initial analysis and advice is free . Our specialists will evaluate your financial situation and suggest the best possible debt relief option for you.



    • We run a psychological and debt relief clinic on the web free of charge – both for our clients and for other visitors.



  • We are at your disposal throughout the cooperation process. We offer legal advice and advice. You will not do anything on your own, we will always give you a helping hand.


You can then focus on everyday life, work, family, children or friends.