Final-Year Law Students Express Concern About Likelihood Of Missing Law School As ASUU Strike Persists

As ongoing industrial action by the University Academic Staff Union persists with calls for specific government intervention to end the stalemate that has so far fallen on deaf ears, law students in last year of the public universities concerned are beginning to lament the likelihood of not being mobilized for the Nigerian law school in 2022.

Some of them expressed their dismay to The PUNCH on Tuesday in separate chats, saying their institution had yet to begin the process of processing their year-end results.

A student from Obafemi Awolowo University, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said: “This experience is traumatic. We have been home since last year. My colleagues from other universities are already in law school and would be my dean at the bar. If we were to miss this opportunity again, our colleagues would be two years senior to the bar. We hope this issue is resolved.

“Due to previous strikes, the OAU has always had a backlog of students not completing their law school curriculum. OAU law school students are currently our immediate seniors. They are there with students from other schools who are our ensemble.

“So we’re supposed to go to law school this year. If we don’t go this year, it will be next year.

Another student who went simply by the name Tolani said, “Our classmates in other schools are currently in law school. Our one-year juniors at other schools are going for the next one, they’re enrolling in law school right now and then they’re going – October 2022. They’re telling us to wait until 2023.”

She also lamented that their results were not processed, saying: “Our first half results since April 2021 have not been fully released. Our second semester review ended in November 2021, until today we have not seen any of the results.

Also commenting on this unfortunate development, the Dean of the OAU Faculty of Law, Professor Adedeji Adewole, noted that the issue could not be disconnected from the ongoing ASUU strike.

“I don’t see why anyone should worry. We all know that the ASUU is on a national strike. Prior to the ASUU strike, there was a local strike (within the OAU), which began in early January. If they don’t work, who will process the results? If the strike is over and normality is restored, the system will continue to operate smoothly. »

Adedeji lamented that the speakers had not been paid and were probably trying to figure out how to survive amid the crisis.

“People haven’t received a salary since February. Everyone is looking for how to survive,” he said.

However, he noted that “we have started working on mobilizing law schools. People with ready results will be treated as we normally do.

“Those whose results have been approved by the Senate are automatically eligible.”

In response, Richard Abayomi, a law student at Osun State University as well as president of the Law Students Association of the South West Zone of Nigeria, said students might not be able to go to law school before 2023. He also mentioned that new admissions should go to law school in September, according to the law school calendar.

“They’re supposed to be in the NLS by September 2022, but unfortunately they can’t get there. Even if ASUU calls off the strike now, they cannot travel to the NLS this term unless by 2023. The law school has already issued a circular that new admissions must arrive by September.

“The sad thing is that they automatically became juniors compared to their contemporaries from other institutions who would be eligible to enroll.

“Because the legal profession is based on seniority, which is determined by the year of graduation from Nigerian law school,” Abayomi said.

In order to be mobilized for the NLS this year, the students further pleaded with their school administrators to have their results processed.

According to the information obtained, the Nigerian Law School Part II batch must complete their enrollment in the NLS program no later than August 19, 2022.

The ASUU has been on strike since Feb. 14, 2022, and on Monday the union said the strike will now last four more weeks. This news dashed the hopes of many students for a resumption of classes.

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