Employment law adviser crosses over 500 million views on YouTube and wins the first achievement of the Finance channel

Meet the founding partners of Labor Law Advisor, Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill. After surpassing an impressive 500 million views on the platform, the creators of the YouTube channel are excited and inspired to continue creating educational content about labor laws and how to apply and enforce them. implemented.

Labor Law Advisor is the first channel in the financial niche to cross the milestone of 500 million views. Pranjal Kamra came in second with approximately 280 million views, followed by Convey by FinnovationZ CA Rachana Phadke RanadFinology legal Invest Aaj for Kal with 238 million, 188 million, 145 million, and 127 million views, respectively.

This credibility for their channel implies a growing number of subscribers and viewers, as well as a larger audience. It’s a sign that their audience finds great value in their product or service.

The Employment Law Advisor creates videos on personal finance and employment law topics for employees. They are on a mission to make India Jagruk. They explained very clearly how ignorance can lead to significant financial problems for people in daily life. They use storytelling to share their experience and stress the importance of choosing wisely rather than conveniently. They tell how, in this age of misinformation, financial fraud and scams have become commonplace.

“We believe in a practical strategy to end the loop of manipulation and excessive consumption. We do our best to simplify labor law for the common man and how ignorance can lead to major financial risks and hardship for the common man,” said founder Rishabh Jain of the YouTube channel “Labour Law adviser”.

Rishabh Jain, a resident of Jaipur, comes from a family of labor lawyers who have been practicing for 40 years. He has decided to launch a help channel for employees in the country, which will broadcast accurate and authentic information on the application of labor laws. The channel eventually attracted incredible engagement and transformed into a one-stop-shop for workers providing information on tax, business, personal finance and labor law.

Asked about Mandeep Gill’s role in co-founding the Employment Law Advisor YouTube channel, Rishabh says, “Mandeep was my fitness trainer in 2017, but he’s always had a passion for finance and video editing. , which intrigued me. So, we made the decision to work together and start our channel. I do videos on labor law and taxes, while Mandeep does personal finance.”

The channel’s growth on YouTube, according to the founders, “has been heavily influenced by consistency.” When we started, we released a few videos every month without any prior planning. Well, with the improvements in YouTube policies, when YouTube introduced their one-minute video format called YouTube Shorts, we started publishing 1 short a day, and within a few days things got better organized, increasing our subscriber base, thanks to YouTube, of course!

Rishabh Jain and Mandeep Gill want to educate the common man about his rights and give him the knowledge he needs to fully understand financial, labor and tax laws.

Jon J. Epps