Doctor Lawyer Episode 10 Recap and Review: Fear Your Mother

Doctor Lawyer (닥터 로이어) is a Korean straight drama television series directed by Lee Yong-seok and starring So Ji-sub, Lim Soo-hyang, and Shin Sung-rok, alongside other cast members. The series has 16 episodes and takes over MBC’s Friday-Saturday 10:00 p.m. KST time slot previously occupied by tomorrow. Doctor Lawyer episode 10 has a running time of 61 minutes.

Disney+ describes the series as follows:


— Doctor Lawyer episode 10 recap contains major spoilers —

Doctor Lawyer Episode 10 begins with Jayden telling Tae-moon about Jin-gi’s attempt to trick him using a ghost doctor and Yi-han’s own past like Hyun-seong’s. Tae-moon promises to make Jin-gi pay and Yu-na promises to meet Yi-han, which interests him greatly.

Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Cut to the present, Yi-han and Tae-moon come face to face, shocking them all. When Yi-han confirms that he’s Hyun-seong’s ghost doctor, Seok-yeong looks like she doesn’t believe what she’s hearing. However, Tae-moon looks almost giddy with excitement and immediately asks Yi-han to take care of his heart.

It would have sounded romantic, if, of course, he wasn’t literally talking about taking care of his heart.

Anyway, Yi-han accepts the offer, but Seok-yeong looks like she got slapped by someone for some reason. Later, after a quick exam, Yi-han asks Tae-moon if he’s ever had a heart transplant. After a bit of deliberation and a nudge from Yu-na, he talks about his surgery and says it’s been 5 years since the incident.

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doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Although Tae-moon probably doesn’t know Yi-han’s reason for asking him this, but Yi-han and the audience know that it matches Seok-ju’s death. So, is Tae-moon the person who received Seok-ju’s heart?

Regardless, Yu-na stands up to her father and tells him to get out of his life when it comes to his job and his men. Meanwhile, Seok-yeong is absolutely pissed at Jayden for revealing Yi-han’s secret, but he says it’s all for the greater good – he needs to know things to make this project go smoothly for him. all persons concerned.

Jayden seems very interested in making Tae-moon the president instead of Mi-seon due to his greater international reach. However, when he shares his thoughts with Yi-han and Seok-yeong, they tell him about the events of 5 years ago.

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doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Jayden looks shocked and confused by what he hears and the other two tell him to know the risks of supporting Tae-moon since they will be suing him as well. Jayden thanks them for sharing this vital information and promises to back it up in the future if needed.

Meanwhile, Yo-sub is in hot waters at the hospital as he assists Hyun-seong with another operation. The others bully him, but he almost looks very subservient and later, So-yeon calls him to be there for her while she has surgery. Yo-sub looks mortified but can’t quite refuse his pleas.

Elsewhere, in Banseokwon, Cho Da-rom learns that Mi-seon’s daughter, Yang Sun-ae, is a longtime VIP patient at the hospital. Later, Yi-han and Seok-yeong’s colleagues meet to discuss Mi-seon and her daughter and who Do Jin-woo might be. But before they can figure out what’s going on, Yo-sub comes to the clinic to ask Yi-han to help So-yeon together.

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doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Elsewhere, Yu-na warns Jayden to be more careful if he plans to support his father. Jung Yoon-jung and Jang Jung-ok return for the leadership meeting where the former was named the new director of the Banseok Foundation. Meanwhile, Jayden wins a bottle of whiskey with 2 billion won in a bidding war with Yoon-tae and Jun-tae.

At Banseokwon, Da-rom learns of an executive order Mi-seon gave for her daughter and that she takes drugs with her massages to look good and fall asleep. Meanwhile, Yi-han and Dae-woong try to find Jin-woo, who seems to be a parkour specialist and jumps from wall to wall.

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doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Anyway, after a chase streak and after fighting some bad guys, Yi-han catches up to him and saves him from murder. Mi-seon isn’t happy with the outcome and asks her aide to make sure he never sees Sun-ae again.

Yi-han and her gang finally learn what’s going on with Sun-ae – Mi-seon abused her daughter and made several cosmetic changes to her body against her will. After learning the whole series of events, the gang is shocked and horrified. Meanwhile, Jin-gi offers to appoint Hyun-seong as his successor as he decides to step down.

Doctor Lawyer Episode 10 Ending

doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

In Banseok, Jin-gi and Mi-seon decide to keep Sun-ae drugged and sleeping so they won’t let her meet Jin-woo and “put her life in danger”. As the Assembly is about to leave, his car is stopped by Seok-yeong who tells them that they are being sued and that Mi-seon is not Sun-ae’s guardian.

As Jin-woo steps forward and a marriage certificate is produced, Yi-han and Tae-moon also arrive. Yi-han asks Jin-gi to release Sun-ae and informs them that he is Jin-woo’s lawyer much to Mi-seon’s anger, and Tae-moon confronts Jin-gi saying that trying to keep two people in his hands is going to cost him.

Doctor Lawyer Episode 10 Review

doctor lawyer episode 10
Still from episode 10 of Doctor Lawyer

Doctor Lawyer always surprises me with the twists the series introduces every moment. Just when you think it can’t get any worse, it usually always does.

In the last episode, I’m surprised how casually everyone takes Jin-gi, although the latter turned out to be very scary. I wonder why this general apathy exists where nobody wants to take precautions and think before trusting highly untrustworthy people, but it works in our favor because it gives rise to crazy situations.

However, I think it’s important to have a good character like Yi-han who doesn’t have a lot of complications with him. Yes, there might be a time when we learn he was playing everyone, but I doubt that’s the case. Either way, Mi-seon’s shocking backstory makes the water murkier, and it almost seems like Jin-gi isn’t telling Mi-seon the truth about her daughter.

More importantly, this man definitely keeps people on drugs in order to maintain power over their highly influential guardians. It’s an interesting thought and I’m excited to see where the story goes from here.

Doctor Lawyer is streaming on Disney+.

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