DA Collects $ 1.2 Million in Civil Judgments in Fiscal Year 2020-21 | Press releases | District attorney


Holy Rose, CaliforniaJune 30, 2021 Sonoma County Prosecutor Jill Ravitch announced that in fiscal year 2020/2021, her Environmental and Consumer Law Division (“ECLD”) raised more than 1.2 million dollars. dollars to Sonoma County in civil judgments against companies that violated state and local environmental and consumer protection laws. The civil judgments, all approved by the Superior Court, included amounts collected for civil penalties and reimbursement of investigation and prosecution costs.

In total, ECLD has participated in legal proceedings in environmental protection and consumer protection cases throughout the state of California, including with the California Attorney General or other county district attorneys, resulting in civil judgments totaling over $ 23 million for civil penalties, costs and restitution. .

Some of the companies successfully sued by ECLD for violating environmental or consumer protection laws include: Varenna LLC, Oakmont Senior Living LLC, Oakmont Management Group LLC, Target Corporation, Cost Plus, Kelly Moore Paint Company Inc ., Miracle Breakthrough Labs, Trader Joes, City Ventures Homebuilding LLC, Tropical Seas, Ross Stores, Walgreens, Home Depot USA Inc., Sonoma Materials Inc., CarMax Auto, Klein Food dba Rodney Strong, PetSmart LLC, Chewy Inc., and Theodore Farnsworth and Mitchell Lowe (former directors of MoviePass Inc.)

District Attorney Ravitch said, “ECLD is committed to protecting this county’s magnificent natural resources from damage, protecting our consumers from fraud and other harm by unscrupulous businesses, and ensuring rules. fair play for all legal businesses.

Consumers can report false advertising or unfair marketing practices to ECLD by calling (707) 565-5317 or sending an email to [email protected]


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