Civil rights lawyer Ben Crump handles white teenager’s case – Tallahassee Reports


Tallahassee, Florida-based attorney Ben Crump and Reverend Al Sharpton have announced they are handling the case of Hunter Brittain, a white teenager killed by police last month in Arkansas.

This is the first case handled by Crump and involving a suspected white victim of police action.

Bursting highlighted that its mission has always been “to ensure that all our children can return home safely and not be killed by the police who are supposed to protect and defend them”.

However, previously Crump describes his fight against police brutality as “legalized genocide of people of color”.

Brittain, a 17-year-old, was driving home with a friend around 3 a.m. when a Lonoke County Sheriff’s deputy arrested him.

The family claim Brittain’s truck would not be moving through the park, so he put a “large bright blue plastic bottle” of antifreeze behind a tire to keep the truck from rolling. Jordan King, 16, who says he witnessed the shooting, mentionned he and Brittain were changing the transmission in his nearby auto shop.

After the blue bottle was placed behind a tire, the deputy opened fire.

Crump and Sharpton were invited to Brittain’s memorial service, where Sharpton delivered the eulogy.

“The issue of the police is not about blacks and whites. It’s about good and bad ”, mentionned Sharpton.

This year, 156 whites and 102 blacks were killed by the police.

Sharpton has previously distanced himself from the progressive wing of the Black Lives Matter movement by criticizing the crowd for “abolishing the police”.

“Taking away all police services is something I think a Liberal latte can choose as he sits down in the Hamptons to discuss this as an academic issue,” Sharpton mentionned.

Sharpton also said the riots and looting that took place in connection with George Floyd’s protests last summer were “reckless. “

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Photo “Benjamin Crump” by Tony webster CC BY-SA 2.0.

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