Attorney General Miyares Announces Externship Program for Appalachian Law School Students

Appalachian School of Law is located in Grundy, Virginia

Attorney General’s Office forms new clinic in partnership with Appalachia School of Law for their students to work with OAG on criminal appeals

Attorney General Jason Miyares announced a new clinic program in partnership with the Appalachian School of Law. The Advanced Appellate Advocacy program will allow ASL law students to work with Attorney General’s Office attorneys in criminal appellate cases.

“ASL is an incredible asset to Southwest Virginia. ASL students are well-rounded, hardworking, and passionate people who want to serve their communities through the practice of law. The FSA alumni in my administration are dedicated public servants. I am confident that ALS day students will carry on this great legacy.

The new program will be a rigorous and educational experience for participants and is the only such program in Virginia. ASL students in the program will assist in real appellate cases with attorneys from the Criminal Section of the Attorney General’s Office. Students will review court records and write draft memoranda for OAG staff.

“The program offers students an incredible opportunity to work on real criminal appeals and work with expert appellate lawyers,” explained program coordinator and professor Shelly James. “Students even have the opportunity to plead before the Court of Appeal if their cases are put to argument. It is a very unique clinical program, and we are very happy for our students.

“ASL’s new Advanced Appellate Advocacy program reflects ASL’s commitment to providing students with hands-on learning, future career opportunities, and most importantly, an opportunity to serve the Commonwealth with their talents,” said the president of ASL. ‘Als Faulkner.

For more information and details on the ASL Advanced Appellate Advocacy program, please email Professor Shelly James at [email protected] or call her at (276) 935-4349 ext. 1225.

Jon J. Epps