A Lawyer’s Reputation Begins in Law School | H. Dennis Beaver | Columnists

“Mr. Beaver, several years ago you wrote an article about a lawyer’s reputation – how valuable it is. As a superior court judge in our small southern town for over 20 years is what I say to law graduates who have passed the latest bar exam when they gather in my office and take the oath of attorney.

“The idea that law is a profession and that our duty is to help clients and their families through some of the most difficult times in their lives is a foreign concept to many young lawyers. It seems the only thing most think about is getting rich ASAP – and cutting ethical corners is okay.

“I gave each of these new lawyers a copy of your story. In just a few weeks, the bar results will be out, and if your publishers reprint this wonderful story, it could do some good because the message doesn’t just apply to lawyers.” Thank you, ‘EJ’, Georgia.

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Jon J. Epps