30 Money Saving Tips for Your Business


A luxury vacation to the UK is not only for the deep hole set, said Nicola Butler, the owner of remarkable, a London travel company specializing in upscale tours around the UK, the favorable exchange rate between the dollar and the pound making the UK a more affordable destination in general, and there are other ways to have a high-end trip without paying high-end prices, ”she said. We talked budgeting in a newsletter last month and I asked you to send me your best tips to save a few extra bucks here and there. Hundreds of you emailed or tweeted your solutions and many of them were great. So this week I highlight some of my favorites.

Send away and follow up on discounts. When you buy a product with a discount, send in the form day. If you can, file discount online for easier processing. Then set a reminder on your calendar to follow up with the company if you haven’t received the discount in a reasonable amount of time.

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

Spend 10 bags every week – a conservative estimate if you buy groceries and other goods for a family of four – and you’ve saved 50 cents. Although it may not sound like much, it adds up to $ 26 over a year. And you help protect the environment.

Another great way to start saving money is doing some research on what you pay for your monthly payments, are there ways to reduce those payments? I’m all about saving money so I thought I’d also share how I saved money on my car payments. I read a blog post on AOLS walletpop the previous day about a company called MoneyAisle. It does the online research for consumers and the banks offer us online, where we get the top 3 prices to choose from for auto refinancing. I went through the process and ended up saving $ 75 a month on my payment, which basically pays off my insurance. Right now, the search process at the best prices is such a pain and dealers are trying to get the highest amount in dollars, so it’s a super awesome tool. I def suggest taking a staff go through the process you will be shocked when you see what you get as a course in terms of what you are currently paying or what you get from other banks / dealers. Hope this helps too!

In a normal situation, what is going on should be higher than what goes. Money in between is what you now call as your savings. But most people are in the reverse situation where the money that goes is lower than the money that goes out. These are the people who spend more money what they earn whatever the cause.

One of the easiest ways to make cheap and filling meals is with a crock pot. You can find these appliances for as little as $ 10- $ 15 on sale, and there are countless slow cooker recipes online, you can put those ingredients together tomorrow before work, set it to swim, and come home to find dinner done at the end of the day.

Eat cheap. Many people spend much more on food than necessary. While it is easy to forget about being frugal when you bid for a gourmet meal at your favorite restaurant, food-related expenses can be quite large if they are allowed to get out of control. In general, buying in bulk is cheaper in the long run than buying small amounts of food – consider getting a membership store store like Costco if your food expenses are high. Buying individual meals at restaurants is the most expensive option for everyone, so making an effort to eat instead of eating out can also save you lots of cash.

Be smart about ATM tours. Try to draw a fixed amount each week and stick to it, way you will not be forced to look up a non-affiliated bank (and get rid of ATM fees). To keep track of it, you can split cash into envelopes – not just an app – with categories like food, rent, and fun. When an envelope runs out, it’s time to stop spending in that section (or swap funds from another). Cash payments will also feel more real than using a plastic card.

Spend money on impulse buying

Spend money on impulse buying

However, it is important to exercise caution while using coupons. While they can save you money, they can also cause you to spend money on impulse buying. Remember to make your shopping list prior to cutting your coupons. This will ensure that you do not buy goods just because you have a coupon. These extra purchases add up quickly and may end up costing you more than you save.

One of the simplest ways to save money on the merchant is to download the coupon app as Ibotta or Checkout 51 these two apps allow you to select coupons and then, when you buy the goods, you can scan your receipt and receive cash back for those purchases. It takes almost no time at all and apps can be used for any store where the receipt prints a description. The best part is you can use both apps on a single receipt so I have both on my phone.