120 years of training women leaders at Sydney Law School

Nora Takriti, LLB student

Nora Takriti is a penultimate year law student at the University of Sydney.

Nora is passionate about mobilizing access to justice. She spent much of her college years volunteering at the Welfare Rights Center, the SULS Community Legal Education Project, and the Juvenile Justice Mentoring Scheme, to enhance inclusion and provide broad societal benefit.

In 2021, Nora was named SULS Women’s Officer where she coordinated major projects to strengthen the support network and development of female law students.

Nora is driven by values ​​of integrity, compassion and dedication, and is excited to see where her legal education will take her in the future.

What was your vision of your role as head of women at SULS?

During a global period of academic disruption and uncertainty, my vision was to advocate on behalf of female students and facilitate meaningful opportunities designed to foster their personal and professional growth. From launching the women’s mentorship program to hosting an inter-university conference on women in law, the Women’s Portfolio has instilled true sisterhood within Sydney Law School and beyond!

What are your professional ambitions after graduation?

As I forge my path in the legal profession, I will remain open-minded and willing to pursue opportunities that align with my values. In particular, I aspire to use my privilege of studying law at the University of Sydney to empower disadvantaged communities and serve others.

Why are you passionate about pursuing a career in law?

I grew up listening to my family members share personal stories of injustice, repressive regimes and failed legal institutions. I learned that the law is a human response to the world around us, and sometimes it can knock us out of our cocoons of comfort, like it did for me. Today, when much of my Assyrian heritage is destroyed or sits in a drafty museum, it is this powerful symbol of justice that has colored my passion for the pursuit of law.

What does being a beautiful woman mean to you?

I was honored to stand alongside so many inspiring women in law and celebrate their resilience and contributions.

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