10 Times Being A Lawyer Was She-Hulk’s Greatest Power

In the original story, Bruce Banner’s lawyer cousin, Jennifer Walters, received a blood transfusion with gamma radiation and became a gamma herself. From then on, she devoted her life to helping others under the nickname She-Hulk. However, unlike many other superheroes, Jennifer chose to balance her regular life and her superhero duties alongside each other. As a result, she became one of two known superheroes/lawyers in the Marvel Universe.

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Although being She-Hulk grants her incredible abilities, such as super strength and immunity to venom, Jennifer Walters’ law degree has always been the best skill in her repertoire. Besides allowing him to help civilians, it pays the bills. However, on top of that, it’s often an additional tool to fight the good fight.

11 She convinced Scorpion to spare the life of J. Jonah Jameson

In “Web of Lies” by Dan Slott, Juan Bobillo, Marcelo Sosa and Chris Chuckry, Jennifer Walters offers Spider-Man the chance to sue J. Jonah Jameson for all the lies he told in the Daily Bugle. Unfortunately, the Scorpion, who hates Spider-Man as much as he hates Jameson, takes the opportunity to attack them both.

Before this villain can attack Jameson in court, She-Hulk stops him by convincing him that making Jameson lose money is a much better revenge, especially considering how cheap he is. Although it doesn’t happen in court, the day is still saved by Jennifer’s excellent communication skills. Even Spider-Man admits he’s never been able to stop a fight using words alone.

ten She protected the interests of others during the first civil war, regardless of her beliefs

During the First Superhuman Civil War, Jennifer Walters sided with Iron Man and championed the Superhuman Registration Act as a necessary evil in society. However, she always fought for the privacy rights of other superhumans. When a new website reveals other people’s secret identities, she represents some of her victims and helps shut down her server.

Although Jennifer agreed with Tony Stark on this issue, she never let her personal opinion get in the way of her work. This ability to remain impartial – even in a matter of such relevance – is proof that She-Hulk is an excellent lawyer.

9 She managed to reduce the sentence of Morbius

Savage She-Hulk #12 by David Kraft, Mike Vosrbug, and Frank Springer follows She-Hulk as she represents Morbius in court. Although the living vampire is accused of several murders, she manages to convince the jury that Morbius is not a villain. Instead, he suffers from a peculiar condition that makes him dangerous. Jennifer wins the case after the jury charges him with manslaughter.

This controversial decision caused She-Hulk a lot of trouble, including a big fight with her father. Although she was on the wrong side of the law this time, it’s still a remarkable achievement to convince everyone that a vampire has no bad intentions.

8 She fought for Holly Harrow to get what she deserved

After leaving his employment at Paine & Luckberg, LLP in She-Hulk #1 (by Charles Soule and Javier Pulido), Jennifer was approached by Holly Harrow, the widow of a former Stark Industries employee who needed her legal services. Jennifer took the case, but since Stark’s legal department tried to avoid her at all costs, she ended up contacting Iron Man – her close friend and former lover.

Any other lawyer would have put Holly Harrow in a torturous legal battle, but Jennifer showed her humanity when she noticed how things could be done with far less bureaucracy than usual. The Jade Giant is definitely a class A lawyer.

seven She took Maise Brewn as seriously as possible


During “Deconstructed” in Pontoon #1-6 by Mariko Tamaki and Nico Leon, Jennifer deals with an unfair eviction case against an agoraphobic woman, Maise Brewn. It turns out Maise’s agoraphobia stems from the trauma of being assaulted in her past. Given her vulnerable state, Jennifer realizes that the woman needs as much help as possible.

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As she grows closer to Maise, She-Hulk discovers that Maise’s fear, combined with the Terrigen Mists, has turned her into the host of a fear golem. Completely committed to her work, She-Hulk listens to her instincts as a lawyer and always maintains a strong sense of justice. Thanks to this, she is able to save Brewn from a suicide attempt, along with many other victims of the golem.

5 She saved Captain America’s reputation

Soule and Pulido’s “The Good Ol’ Days” pits Jennifer Walters against Matt Murdock in court. After a retired Steve Rogers is accused of wrongful deaths, She-Hulk defends Captain America while Daredevil serves as the prosecutor. The only thing Steve asks of Jennifer is to follow the rules.

At the end, Jennifer gives a moving speech about Captain America’s legacy, which convinces the jury of his innocence. Even though Jennifer has a knack for finding technicalities during her cases, “The Good Ol’ Days” gives her a chance to show off her talkativeness, which is a key skill for any lawyer. As a result, this is definitely one of his best cases.

4 She secured the future of Danger Man

Daniel Jermain, aka Danger Man, was a Roxxon worker who gained his superpowers by accident and became C-Lister in Marvel. After accidentally injuring his wife and daughter, he decided to sue the company for his family’s medical bills. In their defense, Roxxon tried to prove that Jermain’s powers were a blessing. However, after stating that Jermain died the day Danger Man was born, Jennifer assured the Jermain family of excellent compensation in the event of a “death on the job”.

Although Jennifer didn’t understand why Jermain considered his newly acquired abilities a burden at first, she soon realized that not everyone wanted to be a superhero. His creativity and quick thinking in court saved the man and his family a lot of trouble.

3 She helped her lawyer defend her own existence before the TVA

After an impulsive attempt to prevent Clint Barton’s death while time traveling, She-Hulk got in trouble with the Time Variance Authority for messing up the timeline. This institution allowed her to defend herself before they erased her, which she did by hiring Sasha Martin, aka Southpaw.

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Jennifer and Sasha convinced the jury that its existence was important to the universe, saying its erasure would alter the space-time continuum. It’s a feat she couldn’t have accomplished if she hadn’t been a successful lawyer. No matter how strong she is, TVA would have eliminated her immediately if she weren’t so good at arguing.

“Universal Laws” from Slott She-Hulk #7-8 takes She-Hulk to Skardon, which is a planet where “might does good”, meaning people fight for anything as long as there are no weapons involved. There, Jennifer battles the Champion of the Universe, who easily defeats her using his Power Gem. To get a second chance against him, She-Hulk appeals the fight and forces him to give up his gem. After all, she claims, it is a weapon.

While it might seem like a small detail, Jennifer’s understanding of the law is what gave her a second chance against the champ. If she wasn’t familiar with calls or used to finding technicalities and flaws in every situation, her muscles wouldn’t have been enough.

1 She defended her reality against the living tribunal

Jennifer’s last job with the Magistrati was her most important. She was called upon to help the Living Tribunal decide if Earth-616 should be destroyed and replaced with a better “ultimate” reality. As one of Earth’s most loyal heroes, She-Hulk convinced the court that Earth-616 deserved to exist with an epic speech, saving everyone in the process.

No matter how strong she is, how high she can jump or how radioactive she can be, Jennifer’s ability to move a jury using only words is what really gave her a victory on this occasion. His verbal skills and intelligence were essential in saving Earth-616 from obliteration.

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